This Risk Mitigation Plan is for Health Network

This Risk Mitigation Plan is for Health Network, Inc. (Health Network), a fictitious health services organization head?uartered in Minnea!olis, Minnesota. Health Network has over “## e$!lo%ees throughout the organization and generates &’## $illion ??* in annual revenue. The co$!an% has two additional locations in Portland, +regon and ?rlington, -irginia, which su!!ort a $i? of cor!orate o!erations. /ach cor!orate facilit% is located near a co0location data center, where !roduction s%ste$s are located and $anaged 1% third0!art% data center hosting vendors. Health Network has three $ain !roducts2 HNet/?change, HNetPa%, and HNet3onnect.HNet/?change is the !ri$ar% source of revenue for the co$!an%. The service handles secure electronic $edical $essages that originate fro$ its custo$ers, such as large hos!itals, which are then routed to receiving custo$ers such as clinics.HNetPa% is a 4e1 !ortal used 1% $an% of the co$!an%5s HNet/?change custo$ers to su!!ort the $anage$ent of secure !a%$ents and 1illing. The HNetPa% 4e1 !ortal, hosted at Health Network !roduction sites, acce!ts various for$s of !a%$ents and interacts with credit0card !rocessing organizations $uch like a 4e1 co$$erce sho!!ing cart.HNet3onnect is an online director% that lists doctors, clinics, and other $edical facilities to allow Health Network custo$ers to find the right t%!e of care at the right locations. It contains doctors5 !ersonal infor$ation, work addresses, $edical certifications, and t%!es of services that the doctors and clinics offer. *octors are given credentials and are a1le to u!date the infor$ation in their !rofile. Health Network custo$ers, which are the hos!itals and clinics, connect to all three of the co$!an%5s !roducts using HTTP? connections. *octors and !otential !atients are a1le to $ake !a%$ents and u!date their !rofiles using Internet0accessi1le HTTP? 4e1 sites.


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