This is when someone is treated unfairly just because of their religion or beliefs

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This is when someone is treated unfairly just because of their religion or beliefs. For example indirect discrimination would be “requiring all your employees to dress in a particular way if this means they can’t wear an item of clothing they regard as part of their faith”. Discrimination because of religion or belief This a policy put in place which is indirectly discriminates people, for example a Sikh man who is a firefighter, who wears a turban wont be able to as he will need to take it off so he can wear a helmet as this is part of his jobs dress code. This is when someone is treated unfairly, and differently to others just because of their age, being unable to do certain things or given opportunities to do so just because of your age. For example “your employer refuses to allow you to do a training course because she thinks you are ‘too old’, but allows younger colleagues to do the training”. Age discrimination This is discriminating elder people as they will have less opportunities than younger people, also younger people may not have the same opportunities as elders. For example a elder person can do a certain job but a younger person cannot as they wont have enough experience as the older person, or a younger person has opportunities to do some training or a course, but an older person is denied those opportunities because of their age regardless they have qualifications.


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