There are so many social media that make possible to create connections to us and other peoples

There are so many social media that make possible to create connections to us and other peoples. In case that we can use social media by communicating and interacting online through social media, chatting on Messenger and sharing information to others are very useful because you don’t need to meet up each other that’s why many persons have an account of many internet websites in social media to participate. As user of social media, we have to use this because we necessarily need for school works but there’s a debate whether social media gives good influences to people or not to.
Although, social media helps people to more communication and interaction with anybody and promotes long distance community. It has a negative things that make us out of control and so many users are addicted by it because of overusing it and the top famous social networks are: YouTube, Facebook, Skype, and Google, and it is important because we need it for communication and researching about our school works and other activities. Billions of people loves social media because of its strong connectivity to us and we can use it for free and we don’t have time to waste money to make accounts and search informations through online. Facebook is the most famous site because we can communicate with our friends and also we can send friend requests to our actual friends so that we can share informations with them, also YouTube we can search songs that we usually listened and watch any steps to make your desired searches and Google we can search any informations because Google has Wikipedia, Encyclopedia, Almanac, etc. that can make our searches easily.
As a student like me, I kept using it because I am also searching to the networking sites that can support me for my educational purposes and I also use social media for finish this speeches, and use social media until it has in our generation.