The evolution of human society to go towards something better has been always through wars

The evolution of human society to go towards something better has been always through wars. Wars have been fought for a lot of reasons. But the Syrian war is one of the worst, it’s own people fight because of the government. Usually the wars fight over freedom and religion or people’s rights. Wars go and war starts. The Syrian war just started.

And it is still going on today, between loyal forces to the Syrian Ba’ath and those who are against it. It all started on March 15th, 2011. Protestors of the Middle eastern demanding that the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, resign because they wanted to end the Ba’ath party rule. In April 2011 the Syrian Army was ordered to shoot at the protesters. The protesters just fought back and went “overboard” and killed more than a 100 soldiers even though the soldiers killed less than 80 protestors. The war continued for a while after that and the protestors starting getting more weapons and begin changing into bigger groups. No peace was organized, nothing to prevent this from happening. The government considered them terrorists. Suicide bombing started appearing in the late 2011 causing the war to enter and support the army of Syria.

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In 2013, the numbers of deaths have been going up and is still increasing. And a lot reported missing. Many Syrians immigrants immigrate to countries like turkey causing more problems. Hafez al- Assad made a policy which massacred thousands. And even, the government forces tried to crack down a Kurdish uprising demanding rights. And even worst nothing ever happened and even more people were killed. The uprising began on March 15 in the city of Daraa. They were triggered by the torture of some students that painted anti-government. Later two official buildings have been burned down. Without hesitation security forces opened fire in civilians.

This is to show what a catastrophe a dictatorship can cause which is similar to absolute monarchy. Many people have died for the sake of justice, the lost their homes, their family, and the place where they were raised. In my opinion this war is very tragic and nobody does anything to save those innocent lives. Absolute monarchs have caused a lot of wars but never this bad.


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