Summary Counselors use assessments and evaluations to better understand the client

Counselors use assessments and evaluations to better understand the client, and or group of clients, to find out more information about their health. The client information resulting from the assessment given to the client is used for client decision making, treatment planning, and forensic proceedings. As professionals in the health field, counselors are in charge of interpreting the results from the assessment that will be beneficial to their client and they are not allowed to give out any information about the client to anyone unless they have consent from the client. Counselors consider the clients’ culture and they also consider the implications of giving them a diagnosis. The Assessment and Evaluations section of this Code of Ethics ifs very useful because it goes into depth of what the counselors are allowed to do and what is forbidden hen giving assessments to clients. If a client is unsecure about assessments being done to them than this section would be able to ease their mind and relax knowing that everything is don for their benefit and none of their information is going anywhere without their consent.
From this activity, I learned that there are many components when t comes to assessing and evaluating clients for counselors. At first, I thought it was going to be the counselors just handing out a test form for the clients to complete but there is a lot that the counselor needs to keep in mind when handling client’s information. I also learned that there are many assessments given to the clients such as educational, mental health, psychological and career assessments. All of these assessments help the counselor learn more about their client to better help them and give them the services they need.