Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Altering Modern Product Marketing Strategies through Art Artists are always required to ensure their work is impressive and attractive to their consumers

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Altering Modern Product Marketing Strategies through Art
Artists are always required to ensure their work is impressive and attractive to their consumers. Artists, who design marketing posts, are obliged to bring the value of the product offered by the organization to the expectations of the consumer. The artistic task entails educating them, providing them with useful information, giving them transparent and honest product information, respecting their rights as well as putting moral aspects of our marketing skills and efforts in the forefront than results. It is apparent that the majority of artists have become increasingly uncomfortable with this kind of designs that some artists create. Furthermore, designing artists with the capacity of devoting their efforts and skills primarily to marketing, advertising, and brand development are implicitly endorsing and supportive, they are always saturated with commercial information. The information is disastrous because they alter the manner in which citizen-consumers respond, feel, speak, think, and interact with them. To a large extent, the majority of the modern product marketing artists have been toted to have the capacity assisting in drafting a reductive and immeasurably destructive code of public communication using socio-media platforms.
“I think there’s hierarchy in the world of building a total web presence for your business, and mastering things like Facebook and Pinterest fall somewhere far behind getting your content strategy, SEO, and email marketing machine oiled and ready for prime time” (Meyerson p3). Regrettably, as an artist, the continued rise in social, and web advertising technologies have ended up manipulating these facts, using non-ethical information as well as sharing the fake news. The majority of us are designed to be photographers, graphic designers, and scholars who have been raised in a world which the apparatus and techniques of product advertising. All these techniques have tirelessly been presented to all of us as the most effective, lucrative, and attractive means of manipulating our artistic talents. As a result of that, it has made us to be bombarded with various product publications which are devoted to these beliefs hence applauding the artistic works of those who had initially flogged their imaginations and skills to sell such things, for instance detergents, aftershave and before-shave lotions, cat food, hair restorers, stomach powders, deodorants, toothpaste and so on. In return, profession energy and time is ultimately wasted in manufacturing demand for products that are unnecessary at best.
According to Woodside et al., (p226), “Understanding how consumers use and experience your product should drive your ongoing promotion.” Considerably, the greatest effort and time dedicated to artists working in some of the advertising industries are wasted by these insignificant purposes which in return contribute nothing or little to our national success. Considering the current increasing number of consumers, it is the high time that we have reached saturation speak at which the high pitched number of customers selling is nothing other than sheer noise from such adverts. In most cases, there exists signs for buildings and streets, catalogs, periodicals and books, industrial photography, television features, films, educational aids, industrial and scientific publications as well as other media that assist in promoting our trade, culture, education, and our understanding of the owls. Thus, depending on blind split test information is what makes us forget our artistic ethics, culture, styles, as well as forgetting that excellent marketing is the art.

“Marketing skills are not only important for marketing staff, and the chief of libraries and information center managers-information workers at all levels should get trained in promotion and marketing and be ready to practice them” (Savard 82). Nevertheless, there is no need of advocating the eradication of high-pressure product advertising since it is not feasible. The reason for that is because we do not desire to take away customers’ fun of life. What we are proposing is the reversal of our priorities an product advertising artist to favor more lasting and useful means of disseminating product information. We hope that the society that we thrive in will tire of hidden persuaders and status salespeople, gimmick merchants and that the former calls on our skills will be regarded for valuable purposes. Having this in mind, as product advertising artists we intend to share our opinions and experiences with everyone to make them useful to students, colleagues, and those who are interested in the artistry field.

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