Since my departure from the brigade and completing Army War College

Since my departure from the brigade and completing Army War College, the brigade has changed in the wrong direction. While I was assigned, it functioned as a cohesive brigade working together as a team, and free of malicious competition. Thinking back our leadership was phenomenal, moral was high among all ranks, peers frequently shared information, resources, lesson learned and we were considered among the best maneuver BDE in FORSCOM. The 4th ABCT recently returned from a challenging deployment in Afghanistan after losing key Command Team elements and now experiencing additional challenges in READINESS phase. The challenges initiated potential ethical and cultural concerns, by threating to create division and esprit de corps to dismantle the leadership causing leaders and subordinates to lose confidence in brigade command groups ability to effectively lead the brigade.

My assessment of the 4th ABCT Brigade’s Afghanistan mission, capabilities and vulnerabilities among the officers and senior non- commissioned officers were provided by the Center for Army Lessons Learned(CALL) report. After reviewing the CALL report, 4th ABCT has significant challenges and concerns within the organization. I will use the Kotter Model to dismantle the negative environment and challenges of the unit and create a cohesive positive atmosphere.

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