Short duration voltage variations have large impacts on consumers

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Short duration voltage variations have large impacts on consumers. Voltage sags (also dips) can cause loss of production in automated process industries since a voltage sag can trip a motor or even cause malfunction of devices. For semiconductor manufacturing industries such a loss can be substantial. A voltage sag can also force a computer system or data processing system to crash. To prevent such a crash, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is often used, which, in turn, may generate harmonics. The protective circuit of an adjustable speed drive (ASD) can trip the system during a voltage swell.
Also voltage swells can put stress on computers and many home appliances, thereby shortening their lives. A temporary interruption lasting a few seconds can cause a loss of production, erasing of computer data etc. The cost of such an interruption during peak hours can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Harmonics also can cause losses and heating in transformers, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and interference with the communication systems.
We can therefore conclude that the lack of standard quality power can cause loss of production, damage of equipment or appliances. It is therefore imperative that a high standard of power quality is maintained.
This project will demonstrate that the power electronic based voltage restoring device especially dynamic voltage restorer which is effectively utilized to improve the quality of power supplied to customers by mitigating voltage sag and swell in the Microgrid


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