Scope Statement The canteen will have chairs capacity of 40 people while maximum occupancy will be 250 people at any one time

Scope Statement
The canteen will have chairs capacity of 40 people while maximum occupancy will be 250 people at any one time.
Airing: A survey of the site has revealed that due to noise and air pollution it would not be practicable to use natural airing and therefore the building will have sealed, glazing units and air conditioning. However, some form of natural airing may still be possible and shall be researched.
Legal: The Client is uninformed of any restrictions or regulations in place by the local council on planning as far as renewable energy systems to new builds are concerned.
1. The structural design is final.
2. No arboriculture report has been made.
3. There is no soil report nor are there bore whole samples
. 4. There are no special supply chains or manufacturers that the client wishes to adhere to.
5. The Client wishes both SBD and DDA guides/standards to be applied.
6. No less than 20% renewable technology is to be used in order to achieve a good BREEAM rating.
5. Roles and Project Stakeholders
The following role definitions are being applied to the resources assigned to this project:
Project Sponsor Provides executive team approval and sponsorship for the project. Has budget ownership for the project and is the major stakeholder and recipient for the project deliverables.
Project Owner Provides policy definition to the Project team. Resolves all policy issues with the appropriate policy owners in order to provide a clear, decisive definition. Makes final decisions and resolves conflicts or issues regarding project expectations across organizational and functional areas. The project owner and the project manager have a direct link for all communication. The project manager will work directly with the project owner on all policy clarification.
Project Manager Provides overall management to the project. Accountable for establishing a Project Charter, developing and managing the work plan, securing appropriate resources and delegating the work and insuring successful completion of the project. All project team members report to the project manager. Handles all project administrative duties, interfaces to project sponsors and owners and has overall accountability for the project
Steering Committee Provide assistance in resolving issues that arise beyond the project manager’s jurisdiction. Monitor project progress and provide necessary tools and support when milestones are in jeopardy.
Stakeholder Key provider of requirements and recipient of project deliverable and associated benefits. Deliverable will directly enhance the stakeholders’ business processes and environment. Majority of stakeholders for this project will be agency heads, CIO’s and project management representatives.
Team Member Working project team member who analyses, designs and ultimately improves or replaces the business processes. This includes collaborating with teams to develop high level process designs and models, understanding best practices for business processes and partnering with team members to identify appropriate opportunities, challenging the old rules of the business and stimulating creating thinking, and identifying organizational impact areas.