Rogers Software Developing Company MEMO To

Rogers Software Developing Company
To: Young and new employees for our company.

From: Shachi Gaurav Mehta
Subject: Tips for being professional at a workplace.

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Date: September 20,2018
Welcome to Rogers’ team. Since, it is your first time experiencing the practical world, it is my duty to guide all the young and new employees. Following are some tips and advices that I would like to give for a better and professional environment in our company.

Communication skills
One of the most important things at a workplace is communicating with your co-workers. In order to make yourself heard you need to have good communication skill. Try to speak in a clear tone and a language that is understood by others or else it may happen that you are misunderstood at some point in the conversation. One way you can polish your skill is to join speaking workshops.( Soft skills to help your career hit the big time,2018). And a way that I personally would suggest is to practice speaking at home or with your friends in a way that you are giving a presentation.

Team work
Every time you will not get a chance to work individually. Sometimes, you will have work in a team. And for that it is important for you to have good leadership skill. “Success is the result of many people working toward a common goal.” (Soft skills to help your career hit the big time,2018). Thus, for company’s success all the employees need to work as good teammates.
Learn to manage all things on time
Millennials are often not used to so much work load. As a result, they land up getting all the work piled up which results in them missing the deadline and they ruin their impression in front of their seniors. To avoid landing up in this type of situation they can follow one of the following:
Prioritize the work according to the deadline.
Keep the cell phone and distractive things aside.

Always keep yourself motivated and be enthusiastic all the time.

Learn to organise work. (Discover 62 powerful time management tips, 2018)

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