rite one paragraph of analysis for each essay

rite one paragraph of analysis for each essay (a minimum of 5 sentences per paragraph) examining the pieces individually. Your analysis should address the questions listed below, and must include direct quotation from the text itself. In your third paragraph, compare and contrast the two essays (a minimum of 5 sentences).

After carefully reading Melissa Hick’s “The High Price of Butter” and Chang-Rae Lee’s “Coming Home Again,” respond to the following:

How is time arranged in each piece? Does it move chronologically? (in order) Does it jump between past and present? What is the relationship between memory and cooking? Why do you think each author chooses to tell their story “not in order”? What is the “bigger picture purpose” of each story? (In other words, what do you think the author hopes the reader will take away from his or her essay?)

Carefully proofread your response before submitting the final draft. Be sure to follow MLA formatting.