PRIVACY defines the rights of the user or organizations to determine what information they are willing to share with or accept from others and how the organization can be protected against unwelcome

PRIVACY defines the rights of the user or organizations to determine what information they are willing to share with or accept from others and how the organization can be protected against unwelcome, unfair or excessive dissemination of information about it.

CONFIDENTIALITY is a special status given to sensitive information in a database to minimize the possible invasion of privacy. It is an attribute of information that characterizes its need for protection.

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System security refers to various validations on data in form of checks and controls to avoid the system from failing. It is always important to ensure that only valid data is entered and only valid operations are performed on the system. The system employees two types of checks and controls:
Various client side validations are used to ensure on the client side that only valid data is entered. Client side validation saves server time and load to handle invalid data. Some checks imposed are:
VBScript in used to ensure those required fields are filled with suitable data only. Maximum lengths of the fields of the forms are appropriately defined.

Forms cannot be submitted without filling up the mandatory data so that manual mistakes of submitting empty fields that are mandatory can be sorted out at the client side to save the server time and load.

Tab-indexes are set according to the need and taking into account the ease of user while working with the system.

Some checks cannot be applied at client side. Server side checks are necessary to save the system from failing and intimating the user that some invalid operation has been performed or the performed operation is restricted. Some of the server side checks imposed is:
Server side constraint has been imposed to check for the validity of primary key and foreign key. A primary key value cannot be duplicated. Any attempt to duplicate the primary value results into a message intimating the user about those values through the forms using foreign key can be updated only of the existing foreign key values.

User is intimating through appropriate messages about the successful operations or exceptions occurring at server side.

Various Access Control Mechanisms have been built so that one user may not agitate upon another. Access permissions to various types of users are controlled according to the organizational structure. Only permitted users can log on to the system and can have access according to their category. User- name, passwords and permissions are controlled o the server side.

Using server side validation, constraints on several restricted operations are imposed.

This project developed, incorporated all the activities involved in the browsing centre.

It provides all necessary information to the management as well as the customer with the use of this system; the user can simply sit in front of the system and monitor all the activities without any physical movement of the file. Management can service the customers request best in time.

The system provides quickly and valuable information. These modules have been integrated for effective use of the management for future forecasting and for the current need.

The system can be designed for further enhancement .This could also be developed according to the growing needs of the customer.

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