Primary communication method used by Wal-Mart executives through its satellite

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Primary communication method used by Wal-Mart executives through its satellite:
Oral communication is still the primary communication method that the Wal-Mart executives are applying when they use their six channel satellite system, however at a more formal level. Wal-Mart has launched the world’s largest private integrated satellite communication network which provides a two-way voice and date and one way video transmission between its headquarters and thousands of Wal-Mart stores. This method of communication not only allows the executive managers to give pep talks to thousands of their employees but for many other functions as well. The key goal of setting this satellite system is to link every store by voice and video which facilitates store-to-store and store-to-home office communications. Further when suggestions for improving the store operations are handed in by Wal-Mart associates, they are quickly transmitted to all stores by the satellite system. Through this satellite buyers can demonstrate for department heads in every store the precise way to display new products. It in a way proves to be a tool that assists in replacing the management’s physical visits to the store which is practically limited considering the increase in the number of stores and how geographically widespread Wal-Mart stores are.
Most importantly this satellite gives Wal-Mart executives a complete picture of their stores at any given point in the day thereby giving them increased control over the store operations and ensuring compliance to the store policies/procedures. This communication satellite system plays a key role in Wal-Mart’s management of its business level strategies by reducing their costs and avoiding unnecessary wastage of time. Developing and investing in this system helps Wal-Mart in increasing their performance by effectively managing their human capital. Definitely these well-built technological systems have helped propelled Wal-Mart to its current leadership position.


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