One may wish to give information or to inform

One may wish to give information or to inform, and this is may become a motivating factor. The wish to give information may involve educating people or even for social interaction. In this situation we may also involve an approach of Behavior Change Communication (BCC) which is an interactive way of promoting positive behavior change or desirable behavior. Today many organizations such as The Orchid Project, Desert Flower Foundation among other many organizations championing for free FGM world the goal of communication of giving the information on the negativity of FGM and they have also incorporated that goal with BCC approach to educate the people on the impacts of FGM.
An organization or even the institution which intends or wishes to use the above approach and goal should also be alive to the fact the medium of communication that they may use to disseminate the information. They may decide to use the mass media, community mobilization, or even billboards.