My local politician is Esmeralda Soria on District one

My local politician is Esmeralda Soria on District one. My school board member is Lindsay Cal Johnson. Brian Pacheco is my elected official. My assembly member Jim Patterson and State Senator Tom Berryhill.
Executive orders are official documents. The president orders are rules issued by the president to an executive branch of government. These orders are law. This authority is derived from Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States of America, which means the presidential executive order has the power to become a law. Executive orders have been applied by every main executive since the reign of George Washington in 1789. Every president starting with George Washington have delivered orders which can be referred as executive orders were not published and were only comprehended and discussed by the agencies which were concerned. George Washington’s first executive order states that the United States was going to remain neutral in the war between Great Britain and France.