My heart is slowly breaking

My heart is slowly breaking,
Like the break of dawn rising.
A puddle of tears lands at my feet,
Flooding up the room.

Waves of rage wash down on me,
I stomp and scream and yell.
Crashing onto the sand,
My tsunamis of anger.

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I feel the feeling coming on,
Like an earthquake in my heart.
The crying and the anger.
No one understands.

Sometimes I have a moment of calm.
The rain stops pouring,
And the tsunami freezes.
But it never lasts.

The world never sees,
Never hears.
In my heart,
There is a constant battle.
Between my emotions.

A battle that’s not psychical,
Not a violent battle.
A battle of feelings.

Feelings of Anger,
Of Emotional Pain and Sadness.

These feelings reign supreme.