Many of the memories and events that occur throughout life can become places that are cherished the most as time passes go on

Many of the memories and events that occur throughout life can become places that are cherished the most as time passes go on. Its vivid in my mind the wonderful time spent with my family. The weekends were the climax of every week. My family would get together and often choose to travel to the beach. Being together gave a sense of closure which brought us together. Until this day the beach is a place where the uneasiness of life seems to evaporate.
Traveling to the beach was always fun. Spending time as a family allowed everyone to catch up and spend the quality time not available throughout the week. In the back-seat laughter and jokes made time pass by faster. Upon arrival, the sun greeted us with a friendly hello. He gave us an immediate boost of excitement. The sky projected a reflection of the blue ocean. Waves came running to meet with their long-time friend the beautiful sand. From instinct walking up to the edge of the beach again and dipped my feet into the water as I’ve never left. The fish in the ocean swim around many pairs of feet approaching with familiarity. Birds would dance zooming in and out of the fluffy clouds in the sky.
Everything was possible to do at the beach. From the way, people dressed to the things they do defines them and their unique personality. Groups play all sorts of different games like volleyball, football, soccer around the beach. Sweat drips down everyone’s faces after playing out in the sun. Some race to reapply sunscreen on their dehydrated skin while others take a jump into the ocean to cool off. Water is splashed everywhere from the people the waves show a smile in return. Out onto the distant sea, the sun is getting tired and slowly hides in between the shadows. People start to retreat to their small camp and gather with their friends and family. The day is ending, and people are leaving after an eventful day at the beach. Some stay around to see the fantastic view of when the sun sets.
Finally, the reflections of the waves acknowledged me as if for a moment I was part of the beach. The calm waves gently roll onto the sand. The sky transformed into a colorful horizon. After all the excitement I am reminded of those obligations that have evaded me on my peaceful journey. Monday brings school and work. Evidently, Monday will not be the start of a long week of a tough job but see it as a countdown. Six more days until I can see once more drift off to the place where all the pressures and worries of life seem to disappear.