Lensball – the brightly clear crystal ball If you are looking for a technique to bring about an exceptional element to your taking photographs

Lensball – the brightly clear crystal ball
If you are looking for a technique to bring about an exceptional element to your taking photographs, there is an accessory called Lensball, which can be used with any smartphone or any camera. No app is needed for it, no batteries are required to run it, and it is easy to use.
The Lensball is a spherical brightly clear crystal with the help of which your photography can have another dimension. The Lensball is a kind of crystal ball and it features K9 crystal – a Chinese Optically Clear Borosilicate Crystal with low imperfections and inclusions, perfect for using in prisms and lenses.
The glass ball can exactly turn the world on its head. The crystal-clear sphere reflects the scene around you but overturned. As it seizes all your environs, you can in fact concentrate on the Lensball and create an attractively original composition. Of course, the Lensball is fully waterproof. Actually, adding water simply enhances the effect. The Lensball is crystal clear and you are able to catch sight of the slightest aspects in the reflection. The Lensball is obtainable in two sizes – 60mm and 80mm.
Both the sizes allow you to seize weird images in your palm. The Lensball is absolutely clear and you are able to take pictures by means of the Lensball with all smartphones and cameras to produce interesting images. Lastly, it is supplied with a microfiber carting pouch that can be employed to make the Lensball clean and it can be taken in all your escapades. In order to use it, you merely keep up the Lensball before your subject and then go on shooting across the Lensball with your camera.
With the Lensball, you get the result which is a flawlessly clear 180-degree picture of the theme. The possibilities are boundless. You can take your Lensball with you to a forest, a beach, a renowned monument etc.
You do not require a manual to make out how you can use it, you do not also require to have a battery charged for using it, and it works with all cameras. The Lensball is an exclusive accessory that will simply make your average snapshot a great looking one.
The Lensball is a crucial photography tool. It is a unique approach to seize your world. With the Lensball you get things upturned, you get things in focus, and it allows you to view a lot more than your normal vision.
Distinct from other rounded glass stuffs, the Lensball is not a molded one – it is created from a real crystal and then it is undergone a polishing and hardening process in order to attain a flawless surface. The outcome is something you have never seen.
We produce the best Lensballs in the market. Our Lensballs are carved out of a quality crystal, gone through a proper process of polishing and hardening in order that you get a Lensball which will provide fun photography quests and journeys for years.
We take pride in our product quality, and our Lensballs are the best crafted. We are the company from where you can buy the best Lensballs. Our product is built taking into account the quality requirements of a professional photographer, for a cost anyone can afford.


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