It’s another one of those chilly nights

It’s another one of those chilly nights, clouds brushing across the dark sky as stars try to peek over them. The moon is smiling bright illuminating the town, casting shadows on the empty streets. The trees are dancing as the wind lightly breezes past, and inside the little house over the hill, a man of the name Fortunato is quickly trying to find a solution to his horrendous crime. Fortunato had deliberately stolen Montresors one and only companion, Bruce. Bruce is a shiny black rottweiler with only a slight patch of brown under his belly. He has been his guard dog for many years, and Montresor had no idea where he went. It has been weeks, but Fortunato is good at hiding. Fortunato hated that dog, for the dog only brought bad things to him. So, on this very night, Fortunato had laid his friends only dog to rest.