It is very important to be able to meet a service users communication need

It is very important to be able to meet a service users communication need, if we don’t meet that need daily a service user may not be able to hold a conversation or express a compliment, make a comment or a complaint. The individual may not be able to socialise, maintain independence or access community facilities or be able to go and find paid work if applicable. The individual will not be able to express or fight for their rights. The service user then, not being able to communicate effectively may develop depression or anxiety and become withdrawn from society resulting in being more dependent on their caregivers where a higher level of independence could of have been maintained.
The caregivers involved in the service user care plan would have to find an effective communication method agreed with the service user and/or their advocate and stick to that method because if an individual could understand a certain communication method and a different caregiver then used a different method to communicate, the service user may start to feel devalued and frustrated. They may start to feel isolated and not part of the conversation, they may not listen to you or take on board what you are saying to them. Which then could result in challenging behaviour from the service user. This would be another form of communication the service user would use.
A caregiver needs to stop and listen to the service user so they can have a say in their choices in their life.