Indian Army is a regiment system with three major parts – land forces

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Indian Army is a regiment system with three major parts – land forces, navy and air force. The supreme commander of the three armies is himself the President of India, who has direct control in his hands.

2 They renounce everything for us and our country. They leave all the comforts to secure their family, friends, home and our comfort. The brave soldiers of our country live under adverse conditions and they keep strict vigil on the border areas. The Indian Army works with a true dedication and patriotism. He has a very big role in peace and stability in the country.India army does not save us from external attacks but also serves many social services in times of peace.

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3 Natural disasters such as Uttarakhand fencing, earthquake in Kashmir, and the role of the Indian Army during the torrential rains in Ladakh is worthy of praise. If we have to learn something then there is nothing more inspirational than the Indian Army. We can learn a lot from our army. The Indian army is a very big example of discipline. They follow a very strict schedule. They teach us to face any adverse situations. There are so many problems in India, but still they do not criticize the nation. They love the country more than their lives. They get us education of respect and love towards the country.


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