In the wake of tremendous economic growth resulting from the transport industry

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In the wake of tremendous economic growth resulting from the transport industry, air transport has become an important driver of the economy. In particular, the considerable expansion of the airline industry over the recent decades has seen rise in the volume of passengers and cargo that move from one area to another. As such, a corresponding need for the development of efficient aircrafts to stem the cut throat competition in the airline industry. On the other hand, with over 2000 airlines operating in more than 3700 airports worldwide, the airline industry is ever-evolving. Adding to the mix is the introduction of ultra and low-cost carriers, posing a threat to the full-service carriers. Furthermore, with the introduction of paying on transit by low cost carriers, the airline focuses on being abreast of the emerging market trends where their clientele is ever-changing (Kletzel & Terry, 2017). Consequently, JetBlue airlines find itself against a backdrop of stiff competition, sophistication and ever-demanding customers. This paper will explore the JetBlue Airlines; its structure, strategy and performance, and, give recommendations for improving their performance.
JetBlue Airline Company
The JetBlue Airlines were incorporated in 1998 as a carrier company for passengers. According to (Bodouva & Bodouva) 2004, it operates over 164 flights daily across the U.S.A, Latin America and the Caribbean providing air transport services. Her segments do not only include Domestic, but also, Latin America and the Caribbean as well. In addition, it has various aircrafts that include Embraer E190, Airbus A321 and A320. Besides, it is a provider of Mint- a transcontinental premium product. It also provides internet services for the passengers in their Airbus fleet. Among other services, the company offers the customers branded fares that are divided into 3 categories-Blue Flex, Blue Plus and Blue (, 2018).


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