I became intrigued with the field of computer engineering and the magnitude of change technology brings about in our lives

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I became intrigued with the field of computer engineering and the magnitude of change technology brings about in our lives. In order to fulfil my aspirations for this stream I made it my career option.
In high school I took computer science along with other courses to learn more about computers. I graduated from high school in April 2017 from Maharishi International Residential School,

As I considered my alternatives for higher studies, McGill University stood out for various reasons. It’s ranked among the top 32 universities in the world. It has outstanding international reputation and its research focused program will give me an in-depth knowledge about my course. It is also located in Montreal, an internationally diverse city. With all this being said, it definitely will give me an international exposure and equip me to thrive in an international setting. Studying under the highly experienced and skilled faculties along with the prominent facilities being provided will surely back me in my academic pursuits and absolutely give me a novel advantage in my career.
I have chosen to study in Canada as the education system of Canada is top notch and ranked among the best in the world. In addition to that, Canada is a safe and peaceful nation with amazing health care facilities. All Canadian institutes provide a dynamic, innovative and challenging environment in which one can create and nurture their true potential.
Every year, talented students from all over the globe come to Canada to study and studying with them will surely expose me to their cultures and ethics.
After the completion of this course, I intend to come back to my home country with the outstanding skillset and join the IT industry, as a computer engineer, which continues to thrive in India.
In past decade, the world has shown tremendous growth in IT sector and there is and will be a huge demand for IT professionals in the near future. So, I would like to come back as a high skilled computer engineer and join reputed organization to make a bright career.
Hence, after completing my course I am confident that I will easily get a suitable job in leading IT organizations in India. At the end, my goal is to be a successful and dynamic professional.

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