Hazel Grace Lancaster is the main character and narrator of the novel The Fault in Our Stars

Hazel Grace Lancaster is the main character and narrator of the novel The Fault in Our Stars. In the novel, Hazel is 16 years old and has been dealing with thyroid cancer for three years. She is very close with her parents, but has mostly removed herself from the friendships she had prior to being diagnosed with cancer. This essay will Hazel is a precocious and clever teenager that is unafraid of challenging baseless social conventions and takes joy in poking fun at clichés.

1. Hazel Grace Lancaster is a strong individual for various reasons. First of all, she has survived three years of thyroid cancer. This goes without saying, but when a person is ill with an incurable illness, it can cause them to become mentally unstable, ”

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2. Hazel Grace Lancaster is a headstrong person and is unafraid of conflict. Firstly, she challenges baseless social conventions, such as that “people with cancer are strong”, acknowledging the fact that most get weaker rather than stronger, both mentally and physically. Secondly, she is unafraid of voicing her opinion on matters of great importance, “…if the inevitability of human oblivion worries you, I encourage you to ignore it. God knows that’s what everyone else does” (p.13), she argues that if Augustus truly fears oblivion, he might aswell ignore it, because that’s what everyone else does. Secondly, She c

3.Hazel is very smart and precocious

4.Hazel grows to become a strong individual throughout this novel. Firstly, when Augustus asks Hazel if “Don’t tell me you’re one of those people that becomes their disease” (p.xx) she realizes that she has let her disease control her. After this realization, she becomes more open to Augustus and begins to leave the house more to enjoy her life. She didn’t want to

At the beginning of the novel, Hazel expresses a clear disbelief in that life has purpose.
Firstly, she is highly skeptical towards how other people behave and