For measurement of sclerophylly indices include RWC and SUC

For measurement of sclerophylly indices include RWC and SUC, three leaf discs from each leaf (with 20 mm diameter) were cut and weighted to determine the fresh weight (FW). The leaves were subsequently saturated with distilled water for 24 h in the dark and re-weight to obtain a turgid weight (TW). Samples were weighed again to determine the dried weight (DW) after drying at 80°C for 48 h. To measure the succulence, the leaf area (LA) was calculated by using the leaf area meter device, Delta T-scan model (Bacelar et al., 2004). The following formulas were used for calculating RWC and succulence respectively (Cvikrová et al. 2013).
RWC (%) = (FW – DW) / (TW – DW) × 100
SUC (mg H2O mm-2) = (FW – DW) / LA
determination of enzymatic activities
Quantification of fruit biochemical quality, yield estimation, and water use efficiency
Yield water use efficiency (WUEET; kg/m3), was carried out using the water efficiency parameters (total fresh fruit yield/water amount consumed).
Total phenol concentration was assayed with Folin-Ciocalteu reagent following the colorimetric method (Chen et al., 2008). The calculations were based on a calibration curve obtained with Gallic acid and were expressed as mg of Gallic acid equivalent per g of fresh weight.


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