Employees see their work worlds differently in various factors because of individual perceptions

Employees see their work worlds differently in various factors because of individual perceptions. Perception is something and how each of us see’s, thinks, interprets, and responds in every situation, presented information, and the environment.

Differences in personality, every individual differ from one another because of many factors that influences their differences which includes their culture, childhood, upbringing, and experiences that influence one’s character development. Because of personality every employee responds differently in every situation. Maybe for some that particular job is an easy task for him or her to handle because of his or her skills and abilities but for others it’s a hard task to accomplish.

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Differences in needs, every employee interprets things differently. A simple existing facility inside our workplace may serve as a great help for some employee to be more productive but for some it doesn’t suits their needs and demands for more.

Difference in demographic factors, some employees are satisfied to the amount of salary and level of income they have because it compensates the amount for their daily expenses but for some they are dissatisfied and tends to demand a higher pay because of their age and status.

Differences in past experiences, we all know the fact that we learn in our every experience. Every situation and challenges we experienced we gained learnings that will help us for future events. That’s why an employee who experience it from the past already knew to handle it and employees who haven’t experience it has no idea on how to handle it.

Seeing things differently may somehow create conflicts between and among employees especially if we only focus on the way we perceived things and ignores how others perceived it. Understanding our differences in perceptions and appreciating other’s perceptions can avoid conflicts in our workplace and we can understand why they act and behaves differently.