Celebrity Impacts On Teens Celebrities have a huge impact on how teens value themselves and to the world

Celebrity Impacts On Teens
Celebrities have a huge impact on how teens value themselves and to the world. Many celebrities are look up to as role models in this world and so many teens are highly affected by celebrities. Teens are giving the approach by celebrities from what they see and what they hear. Which put teens under the pressure to do anything possible to come out with the same results. Celebrities are in the disguise of being rich and looking rich. Having teens as role model many look forward to the same outlook and start to do the unbearable of taking life risking consequences.
Despite the affect celebrities have on teens many teens are already not happy with their body appearance. Most teens look at celebrities and want that same look which causes teens to go through a phase of anxiety and depression. Teens being unfairly happy with themselves will stop at nothing to make themselves look good and feel even better. Celebrities puts a lot of effect on teens because teens are not satisfied with their body and look at celebrities appearance as a goal to be reach. Because of that goal many teens set for themselves they may suffer from anorexia ,eating disorder, and poor self-esteem. There is an high percentage of eating disorders on many teens because many teens will literally starve themselves to lose weight. The effect on teens causes poor self-esteem many teens look at themselves and are disappointed with their appearance. Celebrities may so often use the encouraging words to mesmerize teens to think that outcome of having the perfect appearance is yet to come.
Overall celebrities influence teenagers lives in many negative ways. Many teens are not happy with their body image causing low self-esteem. Because of the celebrity behavior in the media teens are influence on wrong doing. Celebrities bad behavior reflects teens and they are learned and followed quickly. Many teens are very vulnerable to what they see on the media which could quickly change how they look at themselves in the mirror. However, because of many celebrities teens are not able to realize the difference between the camera life to reality.