Burton used a medium shot of Kim telling Edward to “run

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Burton used a medium shot of Kim telling Edward to “run,” just after he saved, but injured Kevin. The audience can clearly see how much Kim cared for Edward when she said this. Burton also used diegetic sound, the police sirens, to show the audience that the film was going to end in an unpleasant way. Kim knew that the people of suburbia would keep constantly giving Edward grief if he continued to stay there. The only way that Edward would be safe would be return to his castle, where he rightfully belonged. Kim’s love for Edward was also shown in the scene just after when Edward killed Jim. Burton used a medium shot with a low angle to show Kim telling the people of suburbia what had happened to Edward. She said: “He’s dead.” Kim knew that she had to lie to keep Edward and herself safe. She was also dressed in a white dress, which gave the impression of an innocent girl. This made it easier for the crowd to believe her.


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