TO WHAT EXTENT INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM IS AFFECTED BY THE ELITES. (IN THE CONTEXT OF PAKISTAN) Investigative & Interrogative Reporting BSS – 7B Submitted by: Umer Ibrahim ABSTRACT Investigative journalism is based on two pillars of information Gathering documents and human sources. While document retrieval and analysis have received much attention in recent years, particularly with […]

Review on

Review on: Needful Things by Stephen King The book, being a typical Stephen King epic, deals with the proverbial flaw which makes us human in spirit and mind. Needful Things is a peek into the life of an average American village, and the storyline heavily relies on gossips, exaggerations, rumors and lies that spread in […]

Introduction In mid-1944

Introduction In mid-1944, US forces continued to advance across the Pacific towards a planned invasion of the Japanese home islands. Operations to capture the Philippines and Okinawa were essential to setting conditions for this planned final invasion. October of 1944 brought the US invasion of the Philippines by US Army forces followed in April of […]

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Submitted by: Team C-Fusion Case: Leadership Legacy Question 1: Think about what you thought you knew about Steve Jobs prior to reading this business case. How would you have described his leadership style? Answer 1. Steve was CEO of Apple Inc. He was very supportive person. Steve was innovative and creative as well as always […]

? PROCEDURE:- • Preparation: At first the Bengali translation of both the scales were done by me (MOUTUSHI BHOWMIK).The sitting arrangements and proper illumination was done so that the subjects can comfortably place themselves. All the extraneous variables were checked and cleared. Then the Socio Demographic Data Sheet, Wong and Law Emotional Intelligence Scale – […]


Historically, Indigenous people have been amongst the most economically deprived and excluded of all the demographics found throughout Latin America. Not only have they faced severe discrimination in terms of their basic right-of-access to their ancestral land, their cultures, languages, and forms of governance; but also in relation to access to basic social services such […]

Can e-cigarette replace traditional cigarette

Can e-cigarette replace traditional cigarette? 1.0 Introduction In the early 1930, Joseph Robinson was granted with patent for electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) in the first documented reference. But it was never commercialized and it’s unclear whether a prototype was built. Then, in 1960s, Herbert A. Gilbert created the first device that closely resembled the modern e-cigarette […]

Over the years

Over the years, there has been and still is a great debate where a group of the populace feels money can get one joy while the other group feels, money is material and isn’t in any capacity interface with one’s happiness. Before we can move on further into the discussion, we must dig in deeper […]


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