Submission Date (October 03, 2018)
ROLL # 17301514-120
Course Code & Title # MATH-200 (Mathematics)
Degree Program and Section # Zoology B
Submitted To # Ms Aniqa
Department of Zoology

Part of Science ——————————————————————— 3
Leonhard Ealer——————————————————————— 3
Descartes’s view —————————————————————— 1
In the Field of Mathematics ————————————————— 1
Google and Linear Alibra ——————————————————- 1
The Language of Life————————————————————- 1
In Genetical Engineering ——————————————————- 1
In Various Engineering Fields ————————————————- 1

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Mathematics is the mother of all sciences. Mathematics is the state of the state branch. Physics, a mathematical time has helped to create. Without that, even today, we can not grow as soon as you can plan. Without maths, skills can not be good right now. After learning differential equations, they, for example, are expected to be able to use them to solve problems with heat. However, different facts. Many students struggle to use mathematics for technical problems.

Part of science
Mathematics has already become a part of science in the 18th century. Mathematics is beginning to grow rapidly due to the introduction of schools. So everybody has the opportunity to learn the basics of mathematics.

Growth of mathematics as part of science. Thank you, a new mathematician appears on stage. There are many new ideas, solutions to old mathematical problems and new research in mathematics. Major fields of mathematics are expanding.

Mathematicians contribute to BC’s computer skills. In 1642, a mathematical machine invented by French mathematician Ples Pascal was invented. This machine was able to add and subtract. This device is known as the world’s first calculator. In AD 1671, German mathematician Kotfred Lebinitz developed a new machine to improve addition, multiplication and division.

Mathematicians contribute to computer technology. Charles Babbage was an English mathematician. In 1822 he designed another machine. It aims at mathematical table calculations. In 1833 Charles Babbage Analytical Engine designed the engine. It has almost every part of modern computers. The mathematician Hallet was invented as a high-speed counter in 1880 as a high-speed counter.

Leonhard Euler

Euler studied mathematics in almost mathematics and gave a new direction to modern science as the theoretical formula of mathematics and worked in other areas of moon theory, optics and physics as well as map theory and numerical theory.

Descartes’ view
On November 10, 1619, when Descartes was 23 years old, he had a vision that the universe was “exposed” to mathematics and logic. Since Descartes, science is tied to the notion of a mathematical description of the universe.

Physics is mathematics as a language.

Mathematics is a language that describes a physical universe. Define accuracy. It shares some similarities with music.

Google and Linear Alibra
With the help of mathematics, Google prepares itself aside from other search engines with the ability to calculate “appropriate”.

Life sciences mathematics. Neurobiology Prepare for neurosurgery. What are the main problems of neuroscience in neurological processes? The major problems of people’s genetics: how genetic changes and tests are spreading to people. Are the major problems of pathology the epidemiology of disease? These issues play an important role in solution math.

The language of life
Biological calculations appear to be “horizontal”. This “horizontal” nature of biological calculations eliminates the problem of combining errors. The language of the nervous system seems less “arithmetic depth” than we used in mathematics.

The essence of mathematics. Recalculation in a computation involving an approximation or “error” is to calculate that “computation” is meaningless. The “arimetic” or “logical” depth represents the arithmetic function to be performed in the calculation.

Language of life. The nervous system uses a fundamentally different algorithm, which is random: not a situation. The statistical properties of the message are interpreted. The meaning of a message is also expressed as a statistical property of several messages sent at the same time.

Mathematics and the Human Brain DARPA has recently recommended creating mathematical models for the human brain. These efforts will fundamentally change the construction of digital computers. This will fundamentally change our thinking about information, consciousness and humanity.

In Genetical Engineering
In this article, three mathematical applications are awarded. The problem comes from real life. Every problem is addressed using Maple. There is no need for advanced mathematics to solve the problem. Students with a strong background in calendar and judicial calculations can easily solve them. The issues raised in this paper are expected to be given to the students of the engineering with a better understanding of mathematics. Mathematics are good because he helped engineers.

In Various Engineering Fields
Mathematics or mathematically used mathematics is widely used in each field of engineering. In this article, many examples of mathematical applications are covered by mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering. There are applications in real engineering fields that can be discussed in many mathematical textbooks. The purpose of this paper is mathematical engineering. Many engineering students are difficult to solve engineering problems with mathematics. Students have taught mathematics (calorie, linear algebra, digital analysis), but often do not interact with mathematics when teaching the mathematical engineering article. With examples of this, engineering students can encourage their engineers to understand better. In addition, it is expected to encourage math lecturers to provide mathematical issues regarding engineering departments. Keywords: Applications, Mechanical, Chemical, Electric.