After reading through the excerpt of “The Promise”by C Wright Mills

After reading through the excerpt of “The Promise”by C Wright Mills, it really opened my eyes on what Social Imagination is about. Our social imagination is many times not only effected by our own personal circumstances that we go through in life, but what society as a whole is going through. The Unemployment rates is a perfect example. If someone can’t find a job, that person may feel like it is a personal issue simply because they have no one else to relate to in their inner circle. In reality, the entire country is going through that same struggle. Social Imagination is a lot more than perception of the world, but how you view and act upon the world. I find it crazy how we sometime wake up and think negatively and our day goes by negatively. It is true, how you think is how you will function. Sometimes our mind becomes a prison because we allow self-pity, burdens, loneliness to fill up our mind instead of allowing our minds to bring freedom. It is very hard for this generation to learn how to be their own person. We look for approval of other people to then decide what we want to do. It should be about balance. How much are you allowing society to influence you? A crazy but real life example is when desperation rise, you will do anything. This happened with the rise of Hitler. Now, I’m not saying it will occur again but that we do not allow society to complete control our actions. It should be a balance of individuality and social engagement.