ABSTRACT The study of the research that the buyers who acquires a product or commodity based on the guidance will look closely to the social media

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The study of the research that the buyers who acquires a product or commodity based on the guidance will look closely to the social media. (example like Facebook, twitter)
This research reflects survey the type of the product purchase, price of the commodity and many other features of the product that are related to the purchase of the respective product.
Outcome of this study along with supervision for future research are presented. By the use of instant valuable instruments of social media for industry in which a satisfied user of a commodity could influence that product (goods or service) to other potential consumers willing to buy that product.
The ability to create elements online creates to influence of one consumers to another consumers, In social medial websites such as Facebook, twitter etc. E-business components of social media is that authorised end-users to determine commodity, make influence, and link present purchases to future purchases through the updates of social media networks.

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1. Social Media
2. Marketing
3. Promotional Activities
4. Social Media Applications
5. Online shopping
6. Consumer behaviour


In Earlier Days, as per decade changes consumers Taste demand and trend has been changed. Before people used to do shopping at Retail stores like shopping mall. By Implementing networking technologies, peoples habituated to online shopping and using other social platforms. The new implementation in the internet in present years have made new technology available to the company or business or industry. Every individual has the opportunity to use the social media., through Email to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. The individual can easily exchange their views share and access information.
Social media is a key factor, where in the customers can select the commodity and also the social is important factor where they can involve easily.
In today’s world, there is a great expansion in a social media network, and these networks are expected to develop marketing strategies in business through trust worthiness method or techniques and affecting consumer’s intension to buy online products or commodities.
This study will influence the consumer opting a product and their buying behaviour and this influence and inspires the consumers to purchase online, based on social media survey. The social medial will give the opportunity for the consumers to get captured social influence on the internet. Many of the consumers will use the social media and some of the online websites, to acquire information and to link that information with other users.
The information growing from a survey show how social media will influence the social interaction with the people, leading to increase loyalty and intension to buy the commodities.
Even before the internet, word of mouth played a major role in promoting products. With the popularity of social media such as Facebook and twitter, on these social networks, businesses can interact directly with their most faithful buyers.

Objective of the study

1. Update your brand and it will make awareness to the people and explore the brand to new customers.
2. Mesmerize the new customers by interactive multimedia page or company internet site.
3. Improve the brand status and it will decrease the pessimistic of brand and increases positivity of the brand.
4. Promoting the products in social media it influences increase the sales.
5. Social media is very essential platform by this we can be in touch with the customers.
6. With current trend of social network such as Facebook and twitter by these thousands of followers will reach in a day.

Research Methodology
To achieve the objective of the study, data collection method should be used. As period changes even, the technology has been changed and its continuously improving, by upgrading new technology every customer will examine the product and its features in detail. Therefore, many of the companies are having the social web page networks.

Data collection method:
Data collecting is the first and foremost step in this study. The data can be collected in two methods i.e.
• Primary data
• Secondary data
Primary data:
During the course of research, the data has been collected through 132 members who has been participated in the survey and using appropriate questionnaire. I have collected primary data by the means of a questionnaire.
? Questionnaire:
The questions have been structured related to the topic how social media will influence on buyers. The questions are created on the basis of individual perception about how the social media will affect on buyers or consumers and how much the consumer is involved in the online shopping, I have targeted to the age group of 20-30, and mostly I have focused on the students and moreover the youths will be using frequently social media. The survey has done through online
The website has been used to create the questionnaire i.e.

? Population:
The data has been collected from various professions i.e.
1. Students
2. Housemaker
3. Employees
4. Business persons
Social media is a group of network & internet based on application that to constraint on intellectual & technological basis.
The social media defines that internet instruments main moto is to share and discus the information and easily come to know the other persons views and opinion in more efficient ways.
The social media will influence on buyers while decision making they will check the all the features of the product like (brand, quality, quantity, price etc.). There all the features will effect on consumers.
Social media is not only for promotional activities of a product it is also important investment for building brand name and it is easy way to connect with the customers.
The distinctive feature of social media is to massive popularity and to change radically marketing strategies such as promotional activities and creating brand image etc.
Social media also influence the customers to give the feed back and comments after post purchase of product and also if there is having any disappoint about the company or a service.
According to the survey the members influence to purchase on 46% of all respondents where using Instagram as their social media tool and 42.2% respondents where using the Facebook. From this result, all can say that social media is influence on buyers.
Nowadays consumer is playing an important role and social network all familiar to all and using in daily life. Most of the users want to maintain interpersonal connection between the online users of social media. There will be having the emotional connectivity with the brand name and the consumers. So, it leads to grow the company and become nourish.

Business started seeing at such technology which is more effective by that they easily inter-relation with their customers. The main moto of this study is to meticulously investigate and review the present study about the area of social media. The role of social media is to make the short and attractive promotion activity, electronic word of mouth & also upgrade the company’s brand. It also helps to share the opinion and negative views of the company and its brand. So, the company can improve their image and come up with good image


Social media is come up with the advanced technology by providing programme for every individual to remain in touch with the family and friends. Simultaneously consumers can come to know about the company’s brand and its reputation. By using new technology like online social media powerful search engine etc., by these the opportunities has extended to the marketers. In this even the consumer is benefiting not only marketers, they can gather the information by sitting in home and even they can shop in home through online.
Social media is increasing the trust in consumers. The outcome of this study shows that they inspired by the social media, crucially affects intension to buy.


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