A meeting was held among the higher officials of the government

A meeting was held among the higher officials of the government. President Emilio Aguinaldo, Prime Minister Apolinario Mabini, and the other members of the cabinet are debating whether they should trust the Americans or not. Felipe Buencamino and Pedro Paterno supported the Americans while General Antonio Luna and Jose Alejandrino want to start a war.
Luna requests for reinforcements from the Kawit Brigade for the battle with the American troops, but Pedro Janolino refuses to follow the order because it did not come from Aguinaldo. Luna, angered by his lack of cooperation, humiliates him in front of his soldiers. Luna orders arrest of Buencamino and Paterno because of their further support to the Americans. General Mascardo opposes the order for reinforcements and clashes with Luna. He files his resignation but Aguinaldo refuses to accept.
Later on, Luna is summoned by a telegram written by Aguinaldo and asks him to show up in Cabanatuan. As he arrives, Buencamino tells him that Aguinaldo left before he arrived. Luna goes outside as he hears a gunshot, but he gets shot and stabbed to death.