Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom Palace P.O, Thiruvananthapuram 695 004
To be submitted in 3 copies
(All fields are mandatory. Incomplete applications will be rejected)
1 Title of the Research Proposal : : Investigations on advanced decision support methods for hospital based nurse practitioners
2 Broad area/field of classification : :
Artificial Intelligence/Soft Computing
3 Project Type(s) (Basic Research/Applied Research
/ Developmental/Demonstration/Others : :
Applied Research
4 Broad objectives of the project : 1.To analyse the existing decision support systems for Nurses
in Kerala and, learn the current disadvantages
2.To experiment advanced soft computing methods suitable
support system for nurses.

5 Precise objectives of the project (max.150 words) 1.To experiment and, suggest solutions for the barriers in
decision support systems for hospital based nurse practitioners.

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2.To develop a nurses decision support model using advanced
soft computing techniques by selecting any two departments in

6 Abstract (max.300 words ) The aim of healthcare sector is to provide safe, efficient, and high- quality patient care. Hence automated systems are highly used for clinical as well as administrative purposes. Clinical decision support system (CDSS) is
such an application that analyses data, to help clinicians
in making decisions and improving patient care. In a clinical department, nurses are the assisted service providers to in-patients and emergency care units.
In spite of a pretty big work and working hours, nurses have to take decisions during doctor’s absence.
Hence an awareness about the need of an efficient
decision support system for nurses, is the motivation of this project. This research mainly focuses on the barriers
in a nurse’s decision support system. The objective is to eliminate these barriers by investigating advanced
machine learning approaches.


7 Methodology/ experimental design (1 page) 8 Applications/Socioeconomic importance:
(The relevance, if any,to the utilization and
management of the natural resources of the State) It will be applied in the hospital for the nurse
9 Details of investigator (s)
i. Name & Designation of Principal Investigator (PI): Dr. Anju Pratap
a. Department & College of PI:
Computer Science and engineering
Saintgits College Of Engineering
b. Whether the college is aided or unaided Unaided
ii Name of Co-investigator (s) Dr. Arun Madhu iii. Name of Student Investigator(s)
Elizabeth Sony Thomas
Saintgits College Of Engineering
b. Course of study M.Tech
c. Department Computer Science and Engineering
d. Semester, Year of study 2nd Year, sem 3
e. No. of back papers 10 Particulars of the facilities that will be provided by the institution where this project will be implemented 11 Whether assistance from any external agency/ institution is required to complete the project? If yes, give details: 12 Whether the scheme was submitted to any other
organization for financial support, If so, the names
of the institutions and their decisions may be indicated :
13 Whether at present receiving support from any other organisation other than your present department?
If so, full particulars of these may be given :
14. Details of projects sanctioned by KSCSTE under this scheme during current financial year to:2018-2019

File No. Title of the project Amount sanctioned
Department of PI File No. Title of the project Amount sanctioned

File No. Title of the project Amount sanctioned
Department of PI File No. Title of the project Amount sanctioned

16. Budget Details: Estimated expenditure (Briefly specify all budget heads)
Sl No. Budget Head Amount
1. Consumables 2. Travel 3. Research Literature & Documentation 4. Others TOTAL Documents to be attached with the application:
Detailed bio data of PI, Co-investigator and student investigator to be attached
I have scrutinized the project proposal titled “……………………………………………” and found that the project is feasible and can be completed by the student(s) in the stipulated time frame. I hereby endorse that no financial assistance was received previously for the project from KSCSTE. Further, I shall provide all the guidance & support needed for the successful completion of the project.

Name, Official Address (with Department), Telephone Number, email id and mobile number of Principal Investigator
Signature of Principal Investigator:

Certified that basic facilities and such other administrative facilities as per the terms and conditions of the grant for undertaking the proposed project are available at our institution and the same will be extended to the investigator(s).

Place: Signature of head of institution
Date: Name & Designation
Office Seal